The night of the rolling dead.

12/10 / 2018

I have been a fan of tabletop gaming since I was introduced to it as a kid. I’ve always loved to play, run and create games that were inspired by other games I played before.

Now, I’ll present to you a one-page RPG system I’ve created based on my experience with multiple systems. And the main focus is: Zombies.

I was inspired by a Brazilian RPG system called “Terra Devastada” (published by Retro Punk) and Vampire: The Masquerade (published by White Wolf Publishing).

My goal was to create a simple, quick and easy system to run narrative-heavy games with focus on realistic situations with Zombies as the main antagonizing force.

While realism and zombies often don’t pair well together, here they play a balanced part with the help of common sense and narrative-driven priorities. To effectively run this game system you only need to be seeking fun experiences. That’s why the rules are so simple.

You can download my game here.

You can also download each page as a high-resolution image here: Rules Character Sheet