I've used discord for a good while now, and I really like how easy it is to use it and how convenient it is to create a server with my teammates and rock on.

However, I found that one thing was missing to make Discord a very useful tool: Github notifications.

A quick search will reveal that there are some bots that handle that function. But I really didn't want to have something running the bot for me. So I figured, why not use web hooks?

The first step is to set up your discord server. After that, you will want to go into the Webhooks tab and create a new one.

Setup the web-hook on discord first. Awesome Robot icon is optional.

Here you can set the name, where the messages will go to and the Avatar of your new bot.

After that you need to go into your Github repository. Open the Setting tab and then go to Web-hooks.

Add a new web hook and place your discord Web-hook URL into Payload URL. Add /github to it.

Set the Content Type to "application/json" and select "Send me everything".

After this you can relax because the web-hook was properly set-up!