Hello everyone!

You might have noticed that this website looks a little empty compared to how it was previously... here's why:

I am currently working as a Web Developer in a big company. My website didn't reflect that. While I could have modified it to reflect this change, I decided it was a very good time to switch platforms.

I was using Hugo for my blogging needs but the necessity to redeploy after I wrote a blog post made it so I couldn't edit my posts on the go without bringing my source-code.

I know, I know. You technically could, but I didn't. And you know what? I like using new shiny tools every once in a while. This is why I switched to Ghost.

While I will miss my old website, I am looking at this as an opportunity to shake the dust out of the writer hat and come back to writing articles, tutorials, reviews  and general literary content.

I will be working on making the page look more "me". I will also slowly add my content from multiple sources to here. I still have an old WordPress and my Hugo website to scrape, parse, review and publish.

Please bear with me while I get this sorted out.

In the meantime, you can find my information on my LinkedIn Profile.